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Tracker Models

GMS or GPS Mobile Survey System currently works with 7 different trackers.
Each tracker accepts the same orders and gives the same basic information such as giving position one time,
auto-report mode at flexible intervals, parking mode and SOS. But depending on your needs, you might
choose the right tracker model.

Tracker GMS101 for GPS Mobile Survey GMS101 is the smallest of our trackers. It has no external GPS antenna so the accuracy
of locations can be from 5 to 50 meters depending on weather conditions. GMS101 accepts
auto-report interval not less than 2 minutes and for a maximum of 200 times in a row.
GMS101 tracker fits well the needs of private vehicles owners, vehicle rental companies...

Tracker GMS201 for GPS Mobile Survey GMS201 is a good choice for almost all kind of users. Due to its external GPS antenna the
accuracy of locations is very good even in bad weather conditions. GMS201 accepts
auto-report interval down to 30 seconds and can be set up for years. It also sends alarm if
the battery of the vehicle is disconnected. The inside battery will continue powering the
tracker for up to 24 hours.
GMS201 tracker can be set up to cut oil alimentation of the vehicle forcing a gentle stop.
GMS201 tracker fits well the needs of transportation companies, ambulances, emergency

Tracker GMS202 for GPS Mobile Survey GMS202 is the black box of our GMS Car Alarm+ system. Connected to a siren, it will sound
it in case of high vibration, door opening or ACC turned on. The GMS base server will also
receive an alert and relay it to the the car owner.
GMS202 also includes the lastest technology to manage location even in GPS blind areas.
The car alarm system is armed and disarmed by remote control. The GMS application can stop
the engine remotely.
GMS202 tracker is the perfect solution for secure a vehicle from thieves.

Tracker GMS302 for GPS Mobile Survey GMS302 is the best choice for difficult environments such as boats or motorbikes.
Its waterproof container protects the electronic from humidity.
GMS302 has a long life battery avoiding battery wire.
GMS302 tracker well meets the needs of boats owners who worry about anchors
and mooring lines...

Tracker GMS802 for GPS Mobile Survey GMS802 is the ultimate choice in tracking system. As the GMS202 it includes anti-theft
GMS802 also includes the lastest technology to manage location even in GPS blind areas.
A fuel managment option can be setup, reporting and alert when the level of gas
decreases too fast.
A camera can be link to the device to send pictures when needed.

Tracker for GPS Mobile Survey Trackstar is a portable tracker and works only in SMS mode. It can operate 24 hours on
its own battery. It can be pluged to the cigar lighter or the the car battery.
Trackstar is very useful to track people rather than vehicles. It's very light and can
be kept in the pocket.
Trackstar tracker is very useful to parents who care their children or to monitor people
who often lose their way (Alzheimer...).

Tracker for GPS Mobile Survey TR-151 is still supported by GMS but not sold anymore.