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GMS Corporate

What is GMS Corporate?

GMS Corporate is a special version of GMS Service dedicated to companies managing fleets of vehicles.
Coming with the same tracking and log functions than standard GMS version, GMS corporate offers more
functions dedicated to companies with fleet management or dispatching service.

Who needs GMS Corporate?

1/ Companies who manage fleets of cars, trucks, motorbikes and boats
The GMS Corporate service allows dispatchers to know the latest position and the way points of the
vehicles. The system will also send Alert Messages on the owner cell phone if the vehicles move from their
parking place.

2/ Security companies
The GMS Corporate service is very helpful to track security vehicles and agents on their rounds.

3/ Clinics and hospitals
The GMS Corporate service helps to keep people in the premises and find people who lost their way.

4/ Justice departments
The GMS Corporate service can help to keep people at home rather than in jail using a geo-fence.
Alert will be sent if the geo-fence is breached.

Differences between GMS and GMS Corporate

GMS Corporate is a web application installed on a web server dedicated to the company who uses
GMS Corporate.
None of the data stored is shared with another company.

Unlimited number of Customers or Services can be created in GMS Corporate.
Unlimited number of Users can be created with different rights
Unlimited number of trackers can be created with important details such as place of the tracker in the vehicle,
date of installation, name of installer, plate number of the vehicle, picture of the vehicle…

The maps displayed in GMS Corporate are bigger than GMS standard. The dispatcher can choose the kind
of trackers he wants to see or the kind of status (all, moving, parked, alert).
From one position clicked on the screen, the dispatcher can get the usual information (status, speed, route)
and all details about the vehicle. He also can get with one click all the positions recorded for this tracker
on this particular day.

Compared to GMS Standard, GMS Corporate is a winning solution the first year with less than 25 trackers.